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The Qudos Collection presents a distinctive range of beautiful, cutting edge and innovative designs, born out of the vast experience that comes with developing and manufacturing the world’s finest quality fireplaces for over 70 years. Experience an entirely new concept in stove design that challenges what is possible and makes you completely rethink stove technology. The new Qudos Collection is the perfect range for those who wish to create the ultimate luxury fireplace and deliver extraordinary heating performance to your home. Responsible for transforming the humble stove into the prestigious focal point.

About Us

From the outset of every stove concept, before pencil touches paper, one of the driving goals of our design team is to ensure an enjoyable user experience.  From the ergonomic consideration of handles and control knobs to easy to operate remote control systems, we want our appliances to be a joy to use, intuitive to interact with, all without fuss or frustration.

All our stoves are made to the highest standard of excellence from the finest of materials and are backed by a comprehensive guarantee.

We create quality stoves that deliver in both form and function, and we are committed to ensuring all our products are designed, tested, and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Combined with a totally customer focused aftersales service, we can ensure years of enjoyment from your fireplace. Throughout development and production, rigorous tests are applied and stringent guidelines are followed, before undergoing thorough performance and safety inspections at an accredited independent testing facility.  At Qudos we want you to love your stove.  That’s why we have put such thought into our designs and only use the very best quality components.

Qudos was founded by a team of artisan designers who share a passion for innovative design. From traditional to contemporary, for any room in the home, our designs pioneer an inspirational new way of living. Every Qudos appliance is designed with our forward-thinking approach and crafted with meticulous attention to detail. So, whether you are looking for a traditional wood burning stove or a gas appliance, you will recognise the difference our design ethos makes.